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I'm sooo glad you decided to stop by to learn more about how I can help you BE THE CEO OF YOUR OWN LIFE. Did you know IT'S POSSIBLE for you to experience FLEXIBILITY, FULFILLMENT, and FREEDOM in life, business and ministry?  Yes, I'm a living witness that it's possible. YOU SIMPLY MUST KNOW WHAT YOU DESIRE and DESERVE IN LIFE ...and GO GET IT! 


YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS and POSSESS AMAZING A.S.S.E.T.S. (Abilities Skill Sets Equipping you To Succeed). My passion and desire is to coach women who feel FRUSTRATED, UNFULFILLED, and UNDERVALUED in their careers, to discover their A.S.S.E.T.S. "POWER SKILLS & ABILITIES" to start a business and be the CEO of their own life. Providing them success strategies, tips, tools and resources to impact and increase their bottom line. 


IT'S TIME FOR YOUR GIFTS TO MAKE ROOM FOR YOU and CREATE THE LIFE YOU HAVE BEEN DREAMING OF. If I'm speaking to you, allow me to walk on this journey with you! 

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Coach J

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Young Businesswomen

"Coach Jeronda Marks has been an instrumental part in the transformation process during a transition in my life. I hired her to transition me into recreating my business and brand after a hiatus due to the pandemic and personal challenges. She has helped me to change my mindset concerning my finances, my business and my everyday life routines for my family. I do believe I have to do my part for it to work but Coach Jeronda was so graceful during my process with mishaps and was there to pray me through it. I didn't know exactly what I needed at the time when I contacted her but I knew I needed...HER."

Diana Riley "Chef Riley"