U.R.U (YoU aRe Unique) and Associates was

founded in 2001 by Jeronda Marks, President and

Founder. Jeronda Marks is an inspirational speaker, author, instructor, trainer and life/business-coach with over 24 years of corporate and non-profit business and leadership experience. Jeronda has a sincere passion to provide business resources and administrative support to entrepreneurs and visionaries to help them reach their overall business and organization goals. We have established a team of experts to help your business and leadership go to the next level. U.R.U. and Associates is committed to helping businesses strategically establish a strong infrastructure conducive for growth and to properly coach and train their most valuable assets-PEOPLE to operate with “a spirit of excellence.” Our motto is “A More Excellent Way”.                                                                              SITE DESIGNED BY: WWW.DERINLINDSEY.NET