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Few Testimonials... 

Pamela L. 

 “Working with Coach J in her 1:1 MEACI really gave me the boldness and confidence to ask for what I am worth. She helped me to stop selling myself cheap. Instead of asking for a 10K increase in salary. I was confident enough to ask for a 20K increase in pay and with a relocation allowance and GOT IT. I’m so thankful for God connecting me with a coach who knew what I needed to hear and that was CONFIDENCE TO ASK FOR WHAT I WANTED & DESERVE. Thank you Coach J.” 

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Erica Merrick

”I learned important business fundamentals that I was albe to implement immediately in my business. As a new business owner Coach J provided excellent professional coaching. She is knowledgeable and provides A+ service. Coach J is action-oriented and expects the same from her clients. I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to work with her because I learned so much valuable information that will benefit my business.

-Erica Merrick

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Diana Riley 

"Coach Jeronda Marks has been an instrumental part in the transformation process during a transition in my life. I hired her to transition me into recreating my business and brand after a hiatus due to the pandemic and personal challenges. She has helped me to change my mindset concerning my finances, my business and my everyday life routines for my family. I do believe I have to do my part for it to work but Coach Jeronda was so graceful during my process with mishaps and was there to pray me through it. I didn't know exactly what I needed at the time when I contacted her but I knew I needed...HER."

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Women in Business! 


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